Weekend Hour Changes

Good morning everyone!

Summertime is in full swing, meaning it’s time for beaches, patios and soaking in as much sunshine as we can before winter shows her beautifully, crisp little face again. Sometimes I see turtles down by the water, bathing in the glorious sunshine and think they are doing it right, I need to find me a rock.

This summer we have decided to change things up a bit and will be closing at 2pm on the weekends, so you best roll yourself out of bed a little earlier! Don’t worry, you can still always call ahead to place a to go order and crawl back into bed with it. Mmmmmm a jimmy screech in the comfort of your own bed. Throw a little tv in there and it’s like what dreams are made of!

Just to recap, our new summertime hours will be…..

Monday to Friday 8:30am-3pm

Saturday and Sunday 9am-2pm

We hope to see you soon!


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