The weekend cometh

Good morning!

It’s Thursday, folks. You know what that means? Tomorrow is Friday and Friday means while you start getting ready to unwind on the weekend, we are gearing up for our two busiest days. Now while some may complain about having to work weekend brunch, I have always been rather fond of it. I love the energy a fast paced little breakfast joint can create. There’s the smell of bacon on the griddle mixing with the sweet scent of freshly brewed coffee. The staff’s daily choice of tunes floating over the hum of the dining room’s chatter to create a kind of restaurant white noise. The perfect soundtrack to cook to. Then there’s the rush when you see the restaurant filling up and orders start coming in but you know you have got it under control because you have prepped for it. Thursday and Friday were spent preparing all your back ups. Sauces were made, vegetables were sliced, orders were placed. Everything was done to help ease the pressure of the weekend brunch. All of it worth it, when you watch someone tuck in, close their eyes and say to the person sitting next to them, that “mmmmm…this is SO good!” How could you not love that??

Today’s “mmmmm..this is SO good” specials are;

Leek and cheddar omelette

Tomato Soup

Blueberry Vanilla muffins

Enjoy your day and we will hopefully see you on the weekend!





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