Wait, what month is it?!

Wait, did I just awake from a nap and find myself back in January? DID I JUST BECOME THE FIRST PERSON TO TRAVEL THROUGH TIME??!! No? What’s that? Oh, it is just uncharacteristically bad weather for this time of year? I think I may have to crawl back into bed. Please wake me in June, but only if there has been sun for at least 10 days straight. I am not taking any chances.

Look, on the bright side, we are back open on Wednesdays. That’s correct, folks! We will be here, seven days a week, providing warmth and tasty comfort during this seasonal blip. Muffins are baked fresh every morning (did you hear? We are serving our delicious gluten free muffins, hot out of the oven EVERY DAY!), the coffee pots are always full and ready to help fuel your day and we are here, ready and waiting to serve!

Hopefully we will see you soon. We can get through this ice and snow together, with good food!


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