I love snow. I love the winter and I am really excited for little Beatrice to reach an age where we can run around, build snow forts and go tobogganing! From the sound of it, most don’t share my love of this season. I would imagine snow,to them, is like that extended family that shows up every year for Christmas. You’re obligated to enjoy it because of the season and all, and it is nice for short period of time. Then it just outstays it’s welcome, turns mucky and you have to put up with it until it JUST LEAVES! Again, I say this is how I imagine because as well as snow, I happen to love spending time with my family too. On to specials!

Baby spinach and havarti omelette
Pear cardamom muffins
Soup is in the making so check our Twitter or Facebook updates to find out what it will be!

Have a beautiful day!

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