Labour day long weekend

As children, we seem to have such a distinct idea of how long the summer is. It has nothing to do with anything other than the last day of one school year and the first day of the next school year. July and August. That is summer. As soon as I left school, I found summer, autumn, winter and spring all melted into one slushy or sweaty mess. I never really kept track of the summer being “over”. Now I have a child starting school and that panic of the summer being over has returned. I didn’t go swimming enough, not enough trees were climbed! THERE IS NO TIME LEFT! To all children facing their first day of school, all the children returning to another round and to all the parents, grand parents and caregivers, good luck, be safe and enjoy this last weekend of freedom!

labour day weekend hours:

saturday 9-2

sunday/ monday closed

tuesday 8:30-3



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