We’re back!

Good morning! Though we still have a few things to finish, we are back up and running. Hope you are all well and we look forward to feeding you soon!

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April Reno

Hello Hello!

For those of you that don’t know, a few weeks ago we had a pipe burst which caused some damage to our little restaurant! Luckily, we had it fixed right away and were able to carry on business as usual. However, the time has come to finish all the repairs and make things right. We will be closing down Sunday April 5,  and will remain closed for a couple of weeks. Though we cannot give an exact date, we will do our best to keep everyone informed as to when we will be re-opening.We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this.  We will do our best to get up and running as soon as possible and get back to doing what we love to do- serve you all some great drinks and darn good food!


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I love snow. I love the winter and I am really excited for little Beatrice to reach an age where we can run around, build snow forts and go tobogganing! From the sound of it, most don’t share my love of this season. I would imagine snow,to them, is like that extended family that shows up every year for Christmas. You’re obligated to enjoy it because of the season and all, and it is nice for short period of time. Then it just outstays it’s welcome, turns mucky and you have to put up with it until it JUST LEAVES! Again, I say this is how I imagine because as well as snow, I happen to love spending time with my family too. On to specials!

Baby spinach and havarti omelette
Pear cardamom muffins
Soup is in the making so check our Twitter or Facebook updates to find out what it will be!

Have a beautiful day!

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Hello hello!

It looks like a nice day out there, despite being a bit cloudy. I think it’s just the day to go work in my parents’ garden. While I am out doing that, Claire and Colin will be taking great care of you in our cozy little restaurant. Here are today’s specials:

Mushroom and cheddar omelette
Beet and fennel soup
Spiced pear muffins
Baked beans with bacon

I’ll be in the kitchen on Sunday so please come by and say hello! Have a beautiful day!


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Friday September 26

Good morning!

Yes, I remembered the date today! How, you ask? Because our dear little Beatrice is already three months old as of yesterday! How time does fly! She accompanied me downstairs yesterday and helped me whip up some tasty treats just for you….

Baby spinach and cheddar omelette
Butternut squash soup
Zucchini cardamom muffins
Spiced sweet potato loaf
Ginger molasses or chocolate chip cookies!

So come on by, say hello to Claire and Kathy and grab a bite to eat!

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Wednesday September something

Good morning!
Im not sure what the weather is supposed to be like today. Could be hot and sunny, could be cold and rainy! Who knows these days?! Luckily we’ve got great food and drinks to either warm you up or cool you down! We’ve got you taken care of! Here are our daily specials:

Zucchini and gruyere omelette
Basil and broccoli soup
Banana muffins

Stay warm/cool!


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September 16

Hello hello! It’s been some time since our last post. Hopefully we will be more diligent about our daily blogs. Claire and Caley are ready and waiting to serve up some great specials and super drinks! Fall season is coming and so will all our seasonal drinks (think hot apple cider, yum!). Here are today’s specials:

Sweet potato and goat cheese omelette
Tomato soup
Peach streusel muffins
Ginger molasses or chocolate chip cookies

Enjoy your day and we hope to see you soon!


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Another hot one!

Good morning!

It’s sunny and hot again today. We’ve got a tasty raspberry iced tea or Italian sodas to help keep everyone cool!


Mushroom and goat cheese omelette
Apple pear muffins
Nana’s divine honey almond cake

Have a beatiful day!

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We’re baaaaaack!

Hello hello! I hope you all have been enjoying your summer this far. I’ve been busy with my new baby girl, Beatrice Poppy! (Hence the absence of our online presence for the past while). Don’t worry though, I’ve got an outstanding team running things at ol’ MG so come on by and have a bite. Little Bea and I might pop in to say hello!

Rosemary onions, mushrooms and havarti omelette
Green pea and ginger soup
Pineapple and coconut muffins
Turkey guacamole sandwich
Smoked salmon plate
Breakfast burrito
Nana’s banana nut loaf

Have a wonderful day!!


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Patio? Patio!

Good morning! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and our patio is now open! Please keep in mind though that the sun is shining, there are birds singing and you may have a visit from our resident squirrel, Fabrizia. She is harmless, she will just want to see how generous you will be with your meal! Here are today’s specials:

Baby spinach and cheddar omelette
Potato and corn soup
Breakfast burrito
Turkey and guacamole sandwich
Smoked salmon plate
Raspberry banana muffins and more!

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