Weekend Hour Changes

Good morning everyone!

Summertime is in full swing, meaning it’s time for beaches, patios and soaking in as much sunshine as we can before winter shows her beautifully, crisp little face again. Sometimes I see turtles down by the water, bathing in the glorious sunshine and think they are doing it right, I need to find me a rock.

This summer we have decided to change things up a bit and will be closing at 2pm on the weekends, so you best roll yourself out of bed a little earlier! Don’t worry, you can still always call ahead to place a to go order and crawl back into bed with it. Mmmmmm a jimmy screech in the comfort of your own bed. Throw a little tv in there and it’s like what dreams are made of!

Just to recap, our new summertime hours will be…..

Monday to Friday 8:30am-3pm

Saturday and Sunday 9am-2pm

We hope to see you soon!


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Canada Day Weekend

Good morning!

We will be closed this weekend from Saturday to Monday. Have a beautiful long weekend, stay cool and we will see you next Tuesday!


-Team MG

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Early close

Good morning!

We will be closing early today as we are getting new windows installed. Woohoo for fresh air! Have a lovely day and sorry for any inconvenience!



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Victoria Day

Hello hello!

We will be closed this Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We hope you all have a lovely long weekend and we will see you next Tuesday!


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Early Morning Dance Party

So, sure, early mornings may not be for everyone. There is, however, something to say about being the first at the restaurant and being able to blare Tina Turner on the stereo for a good, old fashioned sing and dance along. I can belt it out without judgement as I make muffins and if that doesn’t sound like a perfect start to your week, than I don’t know what is. Oh, and sorry Pete (our dear friend who happens to also be our neighbour). I hope you weren’t woken up by an off key serenade!

Our specials today are a baby and spinach and goat cheese omelette, a charred fennel, green apple and potato soup and you will have to come in and see what are muffins are!

Remember, you’re simply the best.



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The weekend cometh

Good morning!

It’s Thursday, folks. You know what that means? Tomorrow is Friday and Friday means while you start getting ready to unwind on the weekend, we are gearing up for our two busiest days. Now while some may complain about having to work weekend brunch, I have always been rather fond of it. I love the energy a fast paced little breakfast joint can create. There’s the smell of bacon on the griddle mixing with the sweet scent of freshly brewed coffee. The staff’s daily choice of tunes floating over the hum of the dining room’s chatter to create a kind of restaurant white noise. The perfect soundtrack to cook to. Then there’s the rush when you see the restaurant filling up and orders start coming in but you know you have got it under control because you have prepped for it. Thursday and Friday were spent preparing all your back ups. Sauces were made, vegetables were sliced, orders were placed. Everything was done to help ease the pressure of the weekend brunch. All of it worth it, when you watch someone tuck in, close their eyes and say to the person sitting next to them, that “mmmmm…this is SO good!” How could you not love that??

Today’s “mmmmm..this is SO good” specials are;

Leek and cheddar omelette

Tomato Soup

Blueberry Vanilla muffins

Enjoy your day and we will hopefully see you on the weekend!





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Wait, what month is it?!

Wait, did I just awake from a nap and find myself back in January? DID I JUST BECOME THE FIRST PERSON TO TRAVEL THROUGH TIME??!! No? What’s that? Oh, it is just uncharacteristically bad weather for this time of year? I think I may have to crawl back into bed. Please wake me in June, but only if there has been sun for at least 10 days straight. I am not taking any chances.

Look, on the bright side, we are back open on Wednesdays. That’s correct, folks! We will be here, seven days a week, providing warmth and tasty comfort during this seasonal blip. Muffins are baked fresh every morning (did you hear? We are serving our delicious gluten free muffins, hot out of the oven EVERY DAY!), the coffee pots are always full and ready to help fuel your day and we are here, ready and waiting to serve!

Hopefully we will see you soon. We can get through this ice and snow together, with good food!


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We’re back!

Good morning! Though we still have a few things to finish, we are back up and running. Hope you are all well and we look forward to feeding you soon!

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April Reno

Hello Hello!

For those of you that don’t know, a few weeks ago we had a pipe burst which caused some damage to our little restaurant! Luckily, we had it fixed right away and were able to carry on business as usual. However, the time has come to finish all the repairs and make things right. We will be closing down Sunday April 5,  and will remain closed for a couple of weeks. Though we cannot give an exact date, we will do our best to keep everyone informed as to when we will be re-opening.We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this.  We will do our best to get up and running as soon as possible and get back to doing what we love to do- serve you all some great drinks and darn good food!


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I love snow. I love the winter and I am really excited for little Beatrice to reach an age where we can run around, build snow forts and go tobogganing! From the sound of it, most don’t share my love of this season. I would imagine snow,to them, is like that extended family that shows up every year for Christmas. You’re obligated to enjoy it because of the season and all, and it is nice for short period of time. Then it just outstays it’s welcome, turns mucky and you have to put up with it until it JUST LEAVES! Again, I say this is how I imagine because as well as snow, I happen to love spending time with my family too. On to specials!

Baby spinach and havarti omelette
Pear cardamom muffins
Soup is in the making so check our Twitter or Facebook updates to find out what it will be!

Have a beautiful day!

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